ArcGIS 9.2

November 26, 2006

We received the ArcGIS 9.2 final dvds last week. Got it installed on my dev machines. I like it so far. All the new features will take some time getting used to, especially with geodatabase enhancements.

Still waiting for ArcEngine and Server dvds. Good job on this release ESRI!


Simpson Maker

November 26, 2006

Just came across this very interesting flash portal that lets you see how you’d look if you were in Springfield! Check out SimpsonMaker

Black Friday Shopping

November 26, 2006

This year’s BF was very eventful. We wanted to purchase the 250$ laptop that Bestbuy had for sale. We were at BB around 12:15 AM on Friday. The time we arrived, we were around 50-60 people behind in the queue. The weather was not that cold (mid-40’s), the atmosphere was excellent. Our strategy was to gauge the situation and stay only if we had a realistic chance of getting the laptop. Speaking to people ahead in line, I thought our chances were 50-50, so decided to stay on.

The time past by pretty quickly chatting with fellow campers. Someone played radio out loud in the car, so no dearth of entertainment. At around 4:00, BB employees came out and asked the campers to fold down the camps and chairs. Something unexpected happened then. The number of people ahead increased three-fold to around 250. Apparently, lot of people were sleeping in their cars while their friends held their place in the line. Obviously disappointed we decided to cut our losses and head back home asap. Lesson learnt: If you really want to get the doorbusters, be infront of the store no later than 8:00 pm the previous night.

This was my first time camping out for the deals, I wouldn’t say I was bored, the crowd was fantastic. However, might not do this again. I took pictures on my camera phone. Will post them shortly.

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When custom license plates are not enough!

November 20, 2006

Check this out NameYourPorche

Maxivista 3.0

November 16, 2006

At my workplace, I have a newer desktop with dual-monitor setup and an older desktop with one monitor. I have been using Maxivista, a multi-monitor software that converts my second pc’s monitor into a third monitor for my primary desktop. It does all this through the network without any extra cables required. They just released a new version this week.

If any of you have spare monitors and want to extend your primary pc’s monitor, this software is highly recommended. It also acts as a software KVM switch.


Sage + Google Synch = Efficiency

November 14, 2006

I have tried various RSS Readers (RSS Bandit, Google Reader, Omea, etc). The problem with most of the readers is keeping the feedlist in synch between various computers. If I add a feed at my work pc, I’ll need to readd the feed in my home pc. This gets tedious.

Nice workaround … Use Sage addon to firefox along with the Google Browser Synch extension to firefox. Sage is a neat lightweight RSS reader right inside of firefox. It saves the feedlist as part of the bookmarks. GoogleSynch keeps bookmarks in synch between different computers. Hence, one feedlist and life made simpler!

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Who am I?

November 12, 2006

Hello, my name is Amit. I work at GeoFields, Inc as a Senior Software Engineer. In this blog, I will share/express my ideas on GIS, software development, things happening in and around Atlanta.